RS Slim GoPro Strut Mount 2 (No Strap)

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Quality all metal construction with a low profile design for great Garmin or GoPro footage. The GoPro Slim mounts are slimmed down to a basic GoPro adapter and base. The Slim Strut Mount 2 comes with an additional angle allowing you to adjust the camera any direction versus just straight forward. Adjust your GoPro by rotating the aluminum adapter 360 degrees on a 1/4-20 threaded stud. Lock in place with the jamb nut using a 7/16" wrench. The strut base fits any size aircraft spreader bar, bi-plane strut, or wing strut from a J-3 to a Caravan. The simple clean design straps firmly to your wing strut without using bulky blocks or bolts. The FAA friendly base can be attached quickly and easily with electrical tape, gaffers tape, or your own strap. It is recommended to use theÿGoPro safe metal caseÿto eliminate the common problem of plastic cases and mounts breaking.