Aircraft 17.5X6.25 + 6.00 - 6 Tire Tube / Michelin Airstop 6F20

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Michelin Airstop inner tube 17.5X6.25 + 6.00 - 6 (Style S - Type III) Valve TR20 - Part number 092-315-0

The Michelin Airstop inner tubes are compatible with most tire brands for added convenience and versatility. These high-quality tubes provide consistent and dependable air retention, even under harsh conditions. Are you concerned about difficult installation? Our Michelin inner tubes include factory-applied lubricant for quick and stress-free placement on your aircraft. The molded vent ridges inside will help guide trapped air to the valve stem for easy and effective release. Every Airstop tube is manufactured to exacting balance tolerances, so you won't need to balance the wheel assembly after installation. These inner tubes also include low temperature performance, so you can fly in extremely low temperatures with peace of mind. Like all Michelin products, the 092-315-0 Airstop tubes will exceed your expectations and perform with every use. The Michelin 17.5X6.25 + 6.00 - 6 Airstop inner tubes' dependable air retention will enhance your tire performance and service your aircraft efficiently.

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