1928 Charles Lindbergh Propeller Aircraft Bookends

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Here is a nice set of vintage bookends put out to commemorate Charles Lindbergh's historic trans-atlantic crossing. The bookends have bronze plating over metal. There is beautiful detailing on these bookends. The pieces have a chrome plane propeller and front aircraft engine pistons. In the middle of the piece, is an image of Charles Lindbergh in his leather air helmet. The maker is unknown, "PAT PENDING" is stamped on the back of both bookends. There probably was some additional lacquer or bronze look finish on these pieces that has been worn or polished off over the past 90 years.

There is no cracking or splitting of either piece. Each piece has worn yellow felt on the bottom of them. The bookends are 4 ¾" wide, 6 ½" tall, 2 ¼" deep with a 6 ¼" movable propeller. Each one weighs 3 lbs.

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